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Consignors must have all items entered into the tagging system by Tuesday August 27th by 8am


August 29th (10:00am to 1:00pm)

Please come in on the south side of Berry Center. Please have your clothing items

sorted by size!

If you can't drop off during that time you can come later. Please make sure you sign the agreement and help put your items on the floor.

Consignor Pick Up

Aug. 31st

5:30pm to 6:30pm only

All Consignors who pickup their unsold items are required to help sort for 30 min. Aug. 31st from

3pm to 5pm

Consignors are allowed to take their unsold items early after they have helped sort. Please have Volunteer check your items and sign your agreement before you leave.

This part of the sale is no fun!

No late pickups will be allowed after 6:30pm

It is not necessary to sign up for a specific drop off time. However, we request that you arrive within the scheduled times and bring someone to help you unload. We will have help but it will go faster if you bring someone.

Please allow approximately 30 min. to a hour for drop-off. In order to maintain the high standard of quality merchandise items will be inspected.

Please have your items sorted by gender and size. Group them with rubber bands. You will need to display your things on the sales floor after they have been inspected.

Please double check all tags for accuracy. We will not be responsible for miss tagged, miss priced items or items without tags or consignor numbers. These are your items and ultimately your money, please follow pricing guidelines to the tee! Do not tape over bar codes.

At Check In - Sign a waiver, that states that PENNY PINCHING MAMAs is not responsible for lost, stolen,damaged or missed placed items. Indicate DONATE or PICK UP on this sheet. If you choose to donate your unsold items please mark through your tags with a highlighter, you will be provided a receipt for tax purposes when your check is mailed.

When you turn in your waiver and check in (VERY IMPORTANT), you'll be given your Pre-Sale Pass.

Please have your items sorted by gender and size. It is much easier for you if you group your items by rubber band to keep them from falling everywhere in your car. You can always volunteer and get a SHOP EARLY pass if you see something that you just can't live without. Volunteer/Consignor Shopping will begin at 1:00PM , August 26th

Pick Up (unsold items):

PLEASE READ !!!! Pick up is from 5:30pm-6:30pm on Aug. 26th Items must be picked up by 6:31pm or they become the property of Penny Pinching Mamas. Missed items will not be searched for after the show. If you are unable to pick up your unsold items please make arrangements with someone to pick them up for you (and write their name on your waiver). Items not picked up will become the property of Lori Preisler/Penny Pinching Mamas. NO EXCEPTIONS. We must vacate the building at our scheduled time. After the stated pick-up, it is out of our hands.

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